Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets from HFH are Class II, Type A2 laminar flow cabinets that are suitable for working with biosafety agents at levels 1, 2 and 3

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Biological Safety Cabinets

Explore the world of biosafety cabinets! Rediscover our comprehensive page overview and delve deeper into essential details about these critical lab safety Cabinets. Uncover different cabinet types, safety features, and key considerations for choosing the perfect one for your research.

Biological Safety Cabinets from HFH are Class II, Type A2 laminar flow cabinets that are suitable for working with biosafety agents at levels 1, 2 and 3

Our Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) are certified for safety and performance in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and EN12469.

Available in 3' width to 6' width they are engineered for simplicity and efficiency and create a safe solution for Cat 1, 2 and 3 laboratories.


We offer one of the widest selections of new, used and quality refurbished local exhaust ventilated equipment available in the UK today.


Backed up with dedicated support and installation from our own highly trained and in-house technical support team that cover the whole of the UK.


We can offer sector specific support, planning, commissioning and ongoing or ad-hoc scheduled maintenance for all sizes of laboratory. 


Our Most Popular Biological Safety Cabinet

HFH supply a range of five Biological Safety Cabinets for all laboratory applications.  HFH Biological Safety Cabinets are a Class II, Type A2 laminar flow cabinets that are suitable for working with biosafety agents at levels 1, 2 and 3

Biological Safety Cabinets Features

  • Our design is based on a single, energy-efficient EC Brushless DC Motor and air circulation system which manages airflow at all critical points including inflow, downflow and exhaust. There is no need for dual motor synchronisation, balancing and expense. 
  • Front access to both HEPA supply and exhaust filters encourages quick, safe filter removal and replacement by an authorised technician.
  • Our basic electronic control system provides simple and reliable oversight of all cabinet systems.

Biological Safety Cabinets Features

  • includes multiple service connections for maximum flexibility. It includes duplex electrical outlets with splash-proof, UL listed covers. 
  • The anti-ultraviolet, 6 mm tempered glass ensures maximum protection for the operator.
  • One of the narrowest BSCs on the market and permits easy passage through standard doorways.
  • The user interface combines ergonomics, safety and aesthetics with a 10° angled window design that reduces operator head and elbow discomfort, as well as eye strain and fatigue.

Biological Safety Cabinets

Environmental Benefits

Over 80% of the EC motor output power is converted to kinetic energy to ensure sustainable energy savings over the life of the motor.


The slim profile hood design is the thinnest on the market and allows multiple laboratory configurations. Units are portable and may be moved from one location to the next with minimal downtime and without filter changes. Set-up, operation and filter maintenance are straightforward.

Ease of Install

Self-contained and does not require venting to the outside. Because filtered air is returned to the room, there is no increased load requirement for facility HVAC make-up air. This eliminates the cost of additional facility ductwork construction as well as HVAC maintenance and overhead.

Energy Efficiency

The quiet, internal EC Brushless DC Motor ensures sufficient airflow across the work surface at all times while saving up to 86% over traditional PSC motors (based on internal testing).

Cost Effectiveness

A patented HEPA filtration lock maintains filter efficiency, minimizes the chance of leakage and prolongs filter life. The filters can also be changed from the front side of the cabinet quickly and the balanced airflow and even distribution of downflow and exhaust paths promotes uniform filter loading to prolong filter life.

Safe to Use

Includes HEPA filters (Class H14) tested to a typical efficiency of >99.99% for 0.3 micron particles. HFH Biological Safety Cabinets maintain an airflow ratio of 70% recirculation to 30% exhaust to ensure operator protection


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Biological Safety Cabinets




Biological Safety Cabinets





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40.7" | 1034 mm

31.1" | 789 mm

60.5" | 1537 mm


52.5" | 1334 mm

31.1" | 789 mm

60.5" | 1537 mm


64.3" | 1634 mm

31.1" | 789 mm

60.5" | 1537 mm


76.1" | 1934 mm

31.1" | 789 mm

60.5" | 1537 mm

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