Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure from HFH offer protection from nanomaterial particles encountered during processing

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure P5-24XT

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures

Go Nano, Stay Safe: HFH DNCEs - Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Nanoparticle Research. Explore Holliday Fielding Hocking's collection of cutting-edge DNCEs and empower your research with unparalleled nanoparticle containment. Ditch the limitations of traditional enclosures and discover advanced HEPA and carbon filtration technology, tailored for the safe handling of even the smallest particles. Find the perfect DNCE fit for your research and let your science shine without worry.

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures are ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user from nanomaterial particles (less than 100nm in size) that are encountered during processing of lithium batteries, rare earth metals and carbon nanotubes.

Utilising diffusion filtering to capture nanoparticles and nanomaterial our range of Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures use a HEPA filter with optional secondary carbon filters that can be used to capture chemical vapours released during work processes.

The stainless steel design, powder coated fan filtration and dual filter option ensure optimum containment and a safe working surface.

Options and accessories add functional performance to our range of ductless nanoparticle containment enclosures to meet specific user applications and our range of ductless nanoparticle containment enclosures are available in 3 standard sizes, from 24", 36" and 48" model widths.


We offer one of the widest selections of new, used and quality refurbished local exhaust ventilated equipment available in the UK today.


Backed up with dedicated support and installation from our own highly trained and in-house technical support team that cover the whole of the UK.


We can offer sector specific support, planning, commissioning and ongoing or ad-hoc scheduled maintenance for all sizes of laboratory. 

DUCTLESS Nanoparticle containment enclosures

Our Most Popular Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure

HFH supply a range of three Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures for all laboratory applications that offer superior performance and protection.

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure Features

  • Available in 3 standard sizes
  • Improved filter clamping eliminates bypass leakage
  • Filter blockage alarm
  • High efficiency ebm-papst EC blower assures lower cost of ownership

Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosure Features

  • Filter ID window on front window encourages timely filter replacement
  • Optional analogue Air Velometer
  • Internal systems are isolated from fumes, extending product life
  • Stainless Steel support frame provides excellent strength, chemical resistance and is cleanroom compatible
THE BENEFITS OF DUCTLESS Nanoparticle containment enclosures

Ductless Nanoparticle Enclosures

Environmental Benefits

HFH Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures utilise advanced HEPA and supplementary carbon filtration technology to capture nanoparticles (less than 100nm in size). Our range of ductless nanoparticle enclosures isolate and trap chemical vapours to prevent ecological impact through release into the environment.


HEPA and Carbon filters create a safe working environment over one of the widest ranges of applications in the industry. Optional Air Velometer and mobile base stand add to overall versatility.

Ease of Install

Ductless Nanoparticle Enclosures from HFH are self-contained and do not require venting to the outside. The cabinet is portable and may be moved with minimal downtime and without filter changes. Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures set-up, operation and filter maintenance are straightforward.

Energy Efficiency

 Because filtered air is returned to the room, no demands are required of the facility HVAC capacity for make-up air improving overall energy efficiency in the facility. 

Cost Effectiveness

Facility ductwork, HVAC and construction costs are eliminated because filtered air is returned to the room, no demands are required of the facility HVAC capacity for make-up air. Energy-efficient ebm-papst brand centrifugal blowers promote long life and dependable performance of DNCE workstations. Internal systems are isolated from fumes, extending product life. A convenient, strategically placed front cover window shows the installed filter part number and installation date to encourage timely filter replacement in all models of ductless downflow workstations.

Safe to Use

The electrostatic pre-filter is accessible from inside the chamber and 91% effective down to 1-3 microns and it can be replaced while unit is in operation. The main filters are easy to replace with no tools required. The filter clamps tightly against the filter gasket to prevent filter bypass and maintain filter integrity. Self testing (on selected models) assures continuous safety. 


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Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures





Ductless Nanoparticle Containment Enclosures





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P5-24-XT (NANO) -G

24" | 610 mm

27" | 676 mm

35" | 889 mm

P5-36-XT (NANO) -G

36" | 915 mm

27" | 580 mm

35" | 889 mm

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P5-48-XT (NANO) -G

48" | 1220 mm

27" | 580 mm

35" | 889 mm

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