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We have a range of quality used & refurbished fume cupboards available now that are significantly cheaper than buying new



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Used Fume Cupboards 

We offer a wide range of fume cupboards, extract canopies, extraction arms, vented containment enclosures and much more at up to 50% lower cost than a like-for-like new unit.

HFH the only supplier you need in your corner in the UK for quality refurbished and reimagined used fume cupboards and other locally exhaust ventilated equipment. 

Contact HFH for all your used fume cupboard and fume extraction needs. 

Vented Containment Enclosure

Reduce Your Capital Outlay:

Reduce your project costs and timelines and increase your ROI by purchasing a quality used fume cupboard from the original used fume cupboard UK supplier.

Benefit from a similar guarantee to that of a new fume cupboard when you buy one (or more) of our quality refurbished fume hoods, and sleep soundly knowing that you have saved your laboratory a significant amount, sometimes as much as 50-70% off the cost of buying a new fume cupboard

With full installation, fume cupboard commissioning, scheduled fume cupboard maintenance and fume hood testing available on all of our used fume cupboard and used local extraction equipment through our in-house, highly trained fume cupboard service technicians.


New fume cupboards and local exhaust ventilated equipment can carry a heavy price tag for a business and due to manufacturing limitations worldwide, the delay to receive certain new equipment can by very long. 


A quality used fume cupboard from HFH can be as significantly cheaper than buying a new fume cupboard and it can help reduce the financial outlay to your business. We carry an ever-changing range of used fume cupboards that are always in high demand. Reach out to us to find out what stock we have available right now.

Buying A Used Fume Cupboard Is A Sound Investment

We are so confident in the quality of our stock of used fume cupboards that we provide with every used fume hood a guarantee that really counts.

After all, a used fume cupboard from HFH is an investment in your laboratory, that's why we offer each and every customer an unparalleled level of support and additional services to ensure you are delighted with your nearly new fume hood.

Our used fume cupboards are fully rebuilt and reconditioned in-house using highly trained staff that have been with us for a lifetime. 

From our factory and showroom in Leeds, West Yorkshire our team will strip fume cupboards clean and refurbish them completely and then customise the fume cupboard to your laboratories needs, installing new services, baffles, bases and airflow monitoring. Only then once inspected and approved by our quality control manager do we schedule delivery, installation and commissioning, using our own technical team.

We as a business have been supplying used fume cupboards that are significantly cheaper than buying a brand new fume cupboard for over 20 years, and in this time we have sold over 1400 used fume cupboards, across 11 countries and installed, tested and maintained thousands of fume cupboards throughout the UK.

Used Fume Cupboards From HFH

We are the UK #No.1 Supplier of Used Quality Fume Cupboards. For A Cheaper Option to Buying a New Fume Cupboard, Speak to HFH About our Used Fume Hoods Today.


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Our Top Used Fume Cupboard Picks


Grade A +

Used 1200mm Fume Cupboard 

A quality grade A+ used fume cupboard from HFH that is available for customisation.

Used refurbished fume cupboard from Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd


Grade A

Cheap Recirculating Fume Cupboard 

Description coming soon


Grade B

Quality Refurbished Schools Fume Cupboard


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Ductless Balance Enclosure 24" Width from HFH

Excellent communication, quality service and competitively priced! We had a fume hood and external ducting installed. Mike organised the whole thing with ease and clear communication.

When it came to the installation, 2 engineers came down and got on with the job with no issue at all. They were great chaps with a great attitude and equally very communicative before they did anything to make sure it was all as we expected.

The quality of the final install was so good that we have had several companies around us ask for their details.

Would highly recommend. Thank you again Mike!

Amir Afshar

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Basic Ductless Fume Hood from HFH View from Left Side

Excellent service from start to finish! I run a dental practice and emailed for advice on air extraction units. Mike Holliday rang back instantly and this was the start of many conversations about our business needs. He took time to work out what we needed (over 5 weeks) and helped custom design two units to suit our needs. Our two new shiny extraction units were fitted yesterday - Mike sent one of his top engineers to fit them to ensure they were just right. Simply brilliant. Cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Tim EE

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Ductless Fume Cupboard

Great Company to work with. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Will Perrott

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Vent Box Ductless Filtration Unit Supplied by HFH Right View

Very professional and communicative. We had a fume cupboard serviced by HTS and I would recommend their service.

Nick Phillips

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services

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