Fume Cupboard Testing and Maintenance

Holliday Technical Services the sister company

of HFH provides a full range of fume cupboard

servicing, fume cupboard testing and fume cupboard maintenance services to laboratories, schools, industry

and research in the UK



Holliday Technical Services was established to provide a full servicing and maintenance team to support the growing number of laboratories where installation of fume cupboards and other local exhaust ventilated equipment had been installed by Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd.

Holliday Technical Services (visit our dedicated website) will ensure all of your servicing needs are carried out to a high standard and in accordance with current UK guidelines.

Unlike many other fume cupboard and locally exhaust ventilated equipment service companies our fume cupboard servicing is carried out by our own team of in-house engineers who are constantly monitored and highly trained.

Run as a separate business with it's own team of dedicated maintenance technicians, HTS offers laboratories in the UK a range of testing options from a basic COSHH testing service through to a comprehensive full service which can be adapted and modified to suit your organisations needs. HTS test to the below UK and European standards:

  • BS EN 1475
  • BS EN 14469
  • BS EN 14644
  • HSG 258
  • BS 7258 Part 3

If you require servicing, testing or maintenance of any make/model of ducted fume cupboard, ductless fume hood, laminar flow cabinet or any other local exhaust ventilated equipment, reach out to HTS for a quotation today.

Our team are ready to provide a swift solution to your testing needs and are backed by over 70 years of technical expertise from the team behind HFH.

Does Your Laboratory Equipment Comply With The Law

It is required by law (under BS7258 and COSHH Regulation 9) that all fume cupboards, fume hoods, fume cabinets and fume extraction systems are serviced within a 14 month period. Regular maintenance is essential not only for legal purposes but to ensure trouble free operation, peace of mind and protection for users and annual testing can be organised with HTS to ensure these deadlines are met.

As an organisation you need to ensure that time is not lost to faulty equipment and by ensuring your equipment is maintained annually accidents can be prevented and your equipment will work more efficiently and last longer.

The Following 21 Points Are Carried Out Where Applicable During An Annual Service Visit

An intermediate 5 point service can be carried out every six months should this be required that covers points 1-5 of the summary below.

Annual Service

  • Check fume cupboard chamber and baffles including seals
  • Check plumbing and services in a fume cupboard for leaks
  • Check fume cupboard valves and controls for wear
  • Check sockets and fume cupboard ring main for earth leakage
  • Inspect fume cupboard sash mechanism for corrosion and damage
  • Inspect fume cupboard fans for correct running
  • Check spray jet performance in fume cupboard and ducting
  • Inspect fire damper and release mechanism
  • Check fume extract motors and supply air fans
  • Check for noise and condition of flexible couplings
  • Check anti-vibration mountings are free
  • Check fume cupboard pulleys and tight and are correctly aligned with no obstruction of diffusers or louvers
  • Inspect fan impellers for wear (where accessible)
  • Check stability and condition of the discharge stack
  • Inspect condition of the extract ducting, particularly the joints
  • Check the condition of the interior of ducting through any inspection ports
  • Check the position of balancing dampers
  • Check average face velocity and operational containment index of the fume cupboard
  • Check the function of the sash stop and alarm mechanism of the fume cupboard
  • Check visual flow rate indicator
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Our Senior Leadership Team

Jane is our companies cornerstone, as head of Human Resources and Finance, Jane makes sure we dot the 'i' and cross our 't' when it comes to customer service, accreditation and accounts. If you have a finance issue, Jane is always on hand to help.

Jane Miller-Holliday

finance director

Sarah is the heart of the service side of our business. Her role encompasses project management and operational responsibility for our team.  If you have a question, reach out to Sarah, she is our organisations go-too colleague.

Sarah Wilkinson

Operations manager

Lee has been with HFH for over 18 years and has undertaken thousands of fume cupboard servicing and installation projects across the UK. If we had a Ninja on our team, Lee would be the high ninja. 

Lee Wilkinson

Senior engineer



testimonials FROM HTS

Check what our clients say about us

Ductless Balance Enclosure 24" Width from HFH

HTS provided a service to x3 fume cupboards onsite. Cusomer service was excellent. Attendance was as planned. Reporting was clear and concise. I would recommend this company.

Zoe Fisher

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Basic Ductless Fume Hood from HFH View from Left Side

HTS provide and service our fume cupboards. The customer service we receive is excellent, they are always happy to help and go above and beyond to get any problem sorted as quickly as possible, Sarah in particular is a huge help and always there if I need her. I would recommend this team to anyone.

Luke Smith

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Ductless Fume Cupboard

HTS has provided an excellent service from the first moment we contact through the whole process. Their customer service is great and staff are always helpful.
I would definitely recommend them.

Aaron Aznar-Perez

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
Vent Box Ductless Filtration Unit Supplied by HFH Right View

Very professional and communicative. We had a fume cupboard serviced by HTS and I would recommend their service.

Nick Phillips

Google Review 5 Star Holliday Technical Services
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